Born and raised in the cultural motherland of ceramics and baths -a.k.a. the ‘hammams’- VitrA is among only a few companies in the world that is able to design, develop, and manufacture all the products that are used in a bathroom. Reinterpreting Turkish bath and ceramics culture with an eco-innovative approach, VitrA translates its intrinsic values to today’s modern life standards. With tiles specially designed for different spaces from walls to gardens to balconies to pools, VitrA's expertise extends beyond bathrooms.

As an innovative, forward-thinking company that pushes boundaries, our expertise lies in designing products that make life easier, better and more fulfilling. For over 60 years VitrA has produced highly desirable and durable bathroom products, as well as championed multi-generational living, accessibility and sustainability.


Bathroom Tiles
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