Meet our collection of specialist brands that fulfill a range of furnishing needs and design styles. From the luxurious to the affordable, you’ll find something that fits your budget.

American Standard

September 24, 2014

For more than 137 years, American Standard has led the way in developing innovative bath and kitchen products that have set and re-set the standards for living healthy, living responsibly and living beautifully.

It is a proud legacy that has made American Standard one of the most trusted brands in the industry. We are dedicated to raising the standard in daily living through life improving performance and responsible innovation for health, safety, comfort and conservation at home, at work and around the world.

American Standard’s bathroom products combine superior design with innovate technologies to provide maximum comfort for your body and mind. These bathroom collections consist of wash basins, bathtubs, toilet bowls, and other accessories and furniture that complement each other to achieve a totally integrated bathroom look.

American Standard’s innovative products feature anti-microbial glazes, low-lead faucets, unique flat jets in bathtubs, as well as anti-leak faucets and powerful flushing technologies that help conserve water.



September 24, 2014


September 24, 2014

Established in 1923, TOSTEM is renowned for aluminum sash windows, entrance doors and other building materials for both residential and commercial uses. Designed to be stylish and functional, TOSTEM products are developed to also withstand the toughest weather conditions. Noise-reducing, insulating, wind and dust proof windows & doors are just some features TOSTEM is able to offer.

Highly committed to superior product quality &performance and developing the best products to meet customers’ requirements, TOSTEM carries out detailed inspections during design and testing stages in order to examine criteria such as basic performance, durability, weather resistance and such. Only those that pass strict quality control tests are made into products and delivered to our customers.



October 20, 2014

Based in the UK, Amtico International is the world’s market leader in Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) flooring and the inventor of the unique process by which LVT is produced. Amtico has a wide variety of truly innovative finishes that are unmatched in looks and quality.

Amtico has a range of products to accommodate a variety of needs from residential use to very heavy duty commercial installations such as retail outlets, restaurants, hospitals, leisure centers, schools etc. It can be installed quickly and conveniently over most new and existing floors (sand/cement screeds, ceramic tiles, marble, terrazzo, plywood etc.) making it ideal for renovations.

Amtico’sUnique Features:
• Amtico flooring comes in hundreds of stunning wood, stone and special effect finishes including metal giving you infinite design possibilities.
• An extensive range of borders, stripping and motifs can be combined with the flooring designs to create a truly unique look.
• Amtico flooring will not chip, crack, warp or splinter, and is quiet underfoot.
• It remains cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
• Amtico flooring is extremely durable due to its special & tough 1mm polyurethane wear layer; it will retain its design appearance and color for many years.
• It is very easy to maintain, and does not require polishing or waxing.
• All Amtico products are backed up by wear layer guarantees – 20 years in residential use and 10 years in commercial use.



October 20, 2014

Polyflor is one of the world’s leading brands of high quality commercial vinyl and rubber flooring. The extensive Polyflor homogeneous sheet vinyl range includes flooring for sterile and clean areas, static protection, sports halls, impact noise reduction and slip resistance.

Apart from functional diversity, Polyflor offers a wide range of shades and surface designs which can be combined to stunning visual effect.
Manufactured in the UK for over 50 years, Polyflor vinyl flooring is installed across the globe in healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical plants, educational facilities, telecommunication centres, control rooms, laboratories, retail areas and offices. Polyflor’s rubber flooring range is extensively used in airports, retail stores, offices, healthcare, hotels and leisure facilities.

Polyflor’s unique polyurethane reinforced (PUR) sheet vinyl construction is completely polish free, slashing life time maintenance costs down by 48%.

Uncompromising on quality, the Polyflor commercial flooring solutions are also extremely cost effective.

All Polyflor products come with a 10 year wear warranty.



October 20, 2014

Apavisa Porcelanico is the leading Spanish manufacturer of high-end through-body porcelain tiles. Utilizing creativity and highly advanced new technologies, Apavisa crafts some of the most sought after and unique porcelain tiles on the market today. An innovative, and aesthetically stunning & durable tile recognized for its unique & superior characteristics. With a wide assortment of product options including 3 dimensional wall tiles and beautiful finishes in wood, cement, metal & stone,the decorative possibilities associated with Apavisa tiles are endless.
What is a Through-body or Technical Porcelain Tile?
Instead of glazing the surface of the porcelain body, like other manufacturers do in order to reach the surface finish, the Apavisa product has the same composition throughout, reaching highly superior technical features since it is not conditioned by the resistance degree of the previously mentioned glazed layer.

Habitat Ceramics

October 20, 2014

Spanish porcelain tiles in classic, modern, stone, marble, wood and colored finishes. Minimal elegance, perfectly flexible and multi-functional, thanks to the variety of colors and sizes, creating a combination to suit your personal style will not be hard.


Newmor Wallcoverings

December 22, 2014

Newmor Wallcoverings, a division of the Newmor Group of companies, is one of the largest independent wallcovering designers, manufacturers and distributors in the UK. A large selection of beautiful and easy to maintain wallpaper options to complete your space.



December 22, 2014

Kuberit is a market leading brand of high quality flooring accessories, combining elegance, innovation and the highest safety standards.Manufactured in Germany for over 140 years, the wide range includes transition profiles, cover strips, ending, edging, safety stair nosing, wallskirting and angles edges.

They are made from the highest quality materials (aluminum, brass, PVC, veneer) and precision engineered to ensure compliance with the toughest international quality and safety standard.



December 22, 2014

Europe’s leading brand of flexible vinyl and wood composite skirting.
Doellken is a leading international supplier of high quality flexible and hard core skirting, manufactured from high quality plastic, wood composite and polyolefin materials. Based in Germany, Doellken has been manufacturing profiles for the flooring market for over 50 years.

Doellken skirtings are economical, extremely hardwearing &offered in a range of sizes and eye catching colors. Easy to install, they simply need to be cut to size and adhered to the wall/floor surface with contact adhesive.

Doellken also offers a range of high quality flexible and rigid vinyl stair nosing, hand rail guards, floor trims and cover strips.


British Nova

December 23, 2014

Complete Floor Care Solutions
Leading international manufacturer of quality floor cleaning, disinfecting, deodorizing, polishing and maintenance products. Part of Cleenol Group (UK), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of an extensive range of quality cleaning and hygiene products.

Products for all types of surfaces – floors, walls, painted furniture, glass, metal, plastic, ceramics, stone etc. Products for all types of floors – vinyl, epoxy, polyurethane, rubber, ceramic /porcelain , marble, terrazzo, concrete, laminate, wood, carpet etc. Products for all types of environments – hospitals, food production, pharmaceuticals, hotels, schools, offices and industry.

Products manufactured according to the strictest international standards.

Disinfectant products rapidly effective against a wide range of bacteria and yeasts.


AET Flexible Space System

December 23, 2014

The AET Flexible Space System is an Under Floor Air Conditioning (UFAC) system, making use of a raised access floor to provide the air ventilation duct, eliminating the need for traditional ceiling based services. The AET Flexible Space System is a top international brand of Under Floor Air Conditioning (UFAC) Systems, supplying UFAC systems in commercial properties worldwide for twenty years. Many projects incorporating our systems have won awards for design, green building and indoor air quality.

This duct-free approach to air conditioning commercial buildings, has the potential to cut the cost of total construction by up to 7% and reduce building energy consumption by up to 30% and is a viable alternative to conventional ceiling based systems because of the benefits it can provide to designers, developers and occupants
Key Benefits

  • Create quality indoor environments and comfortable work space for commercial applications
  • Elimination of horizontal pipework and ventilation ductwork
  • Pre-engineered integrated technology reduces time on site
  • Modular components allowing future layout changes at minimal cost
  • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Personal environmental control for users
  • Comfortable, healthy environments without draughts
  • Avoid premature building obsolescence
  • Enhanced building value & rent options
  • Potential reduction in construction costs by up to 7%
  • Potentially reduce building energy consumption by up to 30%


December 23, 2014

Walgard WB – Hygienic waterborne interior wall finish
Walgard is a one pack elastomeric (crack bridging) polyurethane interior wall finish designed to provide a hard, smooth, seamless wall/ceiling finish in hygienic areas. Walgard strongly resists microbes, stains, water; being water borne it is environment and user friendly (non-toxic) and non-smelling; it is easy to clean.

Its extraordinary adhesion means it can be applied to various substrates such as cement plaster, plaster of Paris, ceramic tiles, steel, plastic and wood. Thus it is ideal for the environmental upgrading of existing hospitals, pharmaceutical plants, laboratories, food processing areas, electronic manufacturing facilities, computer rooms etc.

Flexcrete – No need for hacking with Flexcrete
The outdated method of hacking concrete surfaces for plaster bonding is an inefficient, slow and unreliable method. Modern construction methods specify the use of chemical bonding by polymer dispersion bonding agents.

Flexcrete is a specially formulated pure acrylic polymer dispersion with extraordinary adhesion and compatibility with concrete, plaster and masonry surfaces. Flexcrete is quick and easy to apply; provides exceptional bond strength and has a very long working time. And it is cheaper than hacking!

CLEARSEAL – Don’t ever paint your building, Clearseal it.
When you paint your building, it only looks good. But when you apply CLEARSEAL, in addition to looking beautiful, it also creates a seamless flexible barrier that shields the building from harsh environmental conditions like rain, wind, heat and pollution. Your building will look as good as new for years to come.

CLEARSEAL is an acrylic elastomeric exterior coating which is waterproof and decorative. Its exceptional (500%) elongation property allows it to bridge moving cracks in the substrate up to 0.5mm, thus providing continuous structural protection to the building.


  • Excellent U.V. Resistance
  • Excellent Breathability
  • Excellent Color Retention
  • Excellent Durability
  • Excellent Weatherability
  • Resistant to Dirt Pick Up
  • It forms a very smooth and hard waterproof film.
  • Good fungus resistance
  • As it is waterborne it is environment and user friendly.
  • Elastomeric Film keeps the cracks in the walls covered.
  • Very high stain resistance.
  • Decorative finish


December 30, 2014

High Performance Flooring Products
With its wide range of absolutely reliable, user friendly products,ARDEX is the world-wide leader for sub-floor smoothing compounds, industrial flooring systems, floorcovering adhesives, repair mortars, floor screeds, damp proof membranes, tile adhesives and grouts.

For over 50 years ARDEX has been synonymous with the development, manufacture and marketing of premium quality specialist tiling products, flooring products and construction materials for the flooring, tiling and rendering industries.

ARDEX’s unique moisture locking product formulation allows its smoothing compounds, tiling adhesives/grouts, repair mortars and industrial flooring to be trafficked in a matter of hours.

ARDEX systems are the perfect solution to ultra fast-track project schedules.